JULY is a good month to think about MEN’S HEALTH issues.  When David was building the Temple, and we need to consider our body surely God’s Temple, he told his son, “ Be strong and brave. Get to work. Don’t be afraid. Don’t lose hope. The Lord God is my God. His is with you. He won’t fail you.” I Chronicles 28-20 Are not these directives exactly what Men, and the Men in our life, need to heed?

Dr. Ken Goldberg in a WebMD article asks men—”Do you put as much care into your personal health as you do into the maintenance of your car?”. Instead of recommending specific tests and prevention, he suggests men ‘ drop the bulletproof attitude, and get involved in health screenings, and realize that diseases can happen to anybody’.   Men need to know where to go for help, and work to promote community and national issues that contribute to their health. Be alert to media information, good websites, occupational health services, and LISTEN to others, and benefit from their experiences.   Mind-Body-and Spirit Wellness involves not only “Knowing Your Numbers” (Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, PSA, Weight, Oxygen Saturation, Blood Glucose), having annual Physical Exams and screenings, and being mindful of nutrition, exercise, stress and anger management —but in realizing risk factors (family history & activity related risks), and willingly educating yourself and your sons about wellness issues.   Breast Cancer, Osteoporosis, Eating Disorders, & Sexual dysfunction are not ‘just women’s disorders’. Encouraging sons and grandsons to check regularly for Testicular Cancer, is so important.   Not being embarrassed to talk about depression, sexual health, relationships, and spirituality can be a life-saving and positive role model for your family and friends.   A wellness goal is to have a heightened awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys.

Men’s Health is a Family issue—it impacts the whole.

LISTEN,GET INVOLVED, ACT, and EDUCATE yourself on Men’s Health issues.

Try web sites such as the following:

AARP.org (Men’s Health)

WebMD.com (Men’s Health–most asked questions)

WOMANSDAY.com (a woman’s guide to ‘his’ health)


nim.hih.gov/Medline plus/men health


Alice Stephenson BSN,RN,,PN

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