Trustee’s Corner

Just in time for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, the new parking lot concrete pad was opened for use on Sunday, Nov. 9th.

Thanks to all the Trustees who worked long and hard with our contractor, Jack Miller, and his crew to create this functional as well as aesthetically appealing area for regular and handicapped parking. And thanks to all who donated so generously to this project.

The other part added recently, the concrete apron at the west entrance, was opened for use on Sunday Nov. 16th.

Thanks to the people who painted the bright yellow along the edges for better visibility. Please be careful when entering and exiting due to the change in angle. This change will create a safer environment for all of us at Road 1 South.

On Tuesday, Nov. 18th, new gravel was spread on the majority of the rest of the parking lot on the south side. Trustees suggest you proceed cautiously until it compacts, which will take some time and some moisture. Thanks for all the favorable mentions of the outstanding paint job on the handicapped parking spaces.

Oh, and just a note about the width of the spaces: our painter created spaces that conform with American Disabilities Standards. This finishes the Parking Lot Project, and hopefully has made improvements to both Safety and Serviceability and shows us moving forward to grow our church.

Trustees will be busy moving chairs and tables for the various events planned in December but do not have any major projects planned for any time soon. Wishing you and yours peace and love!

Dave West

These photos are of the construction of our new handicap parking area and new driveway.

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