” The human mind plans the way but the Lord directs the steps”   Proberbs 16:9

MARCH is a great time to GET MOVING!!   As we are in the middle of our Lenten period, what a good time to work harder toward a wellness goal.   The scripture prompts us to look ahead, move toward a goal, and reap the benefits or prize.   How can we best do that?   BY WALKING, WALKING, WALKING!!!

Many Faith Communities incorporate walking programs as a Lenten project. “Walk to Jerusalem”, “Wellness Walking”; “Walk for Mind ,Body, & Spirit”, are known programs. How about this year we keep “WALKING IN FAITH 2015″

  • Take time daily for a scripture reading, select something that you can carry with you in mind as you walk. As you reflect on each scripture, make it a part of your spiritual wellness and renewal.
  • Pop on your pedometer (if you have one) or just check the time. Each day record the number of steps you take or time you spend walking. It can be in one time segment, or broken up in several short walks during the day. Keeping a record well help you move forward.
  • Start where you are in fitness and ability. If you are used to walking daily for a mile, walk two: if you walk very little, just make laps around the living room or out to the mail box–keeping track of daily increases and set a goal to be met weekly and by Easter.
  • The optimum goal recommended by American Heart Assn., American Diabetes Assn; and fitness experts is 10,000 steps/day (or about 5 miles). A mile is an average of 2200 steps.
  • Make your goal realistic for you. ANY WALKING ACTIVITY is a benefit toward wellness. 500 steps, 2000 steps, or the 10,000 steps well make a difference in your stamina, balance, energy levels, metabolism, mental acuity, and overall feeling of well being.
  • Be mindful of safety, wear supportive shoes, keep hydrating as you walk, start slowly and ease into a more strenuous walk, be mindful of your health issues and limitations. Listen to your body.
  • Reading a Scripture before you walk; Reflecting upon it and taking it to heart; Moving your body; and accomplishing a goal well lead you to increased Mind, Body, and Spirit Wellness as you approach Easter Week .
  • Make Lent about DOING SOMETHING MORE, rather than the usual GIVING UP SOMETHING. Make the commitment to a discipline of well being.


Alice Stephenson BSN,RN

Pat Dimillo RN

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