Well, the honeymoon is over as they say. Here we are marking the one year anniversary of my being blessed to be able to come to you as a servant of God with the District Superintendent, the Bishops and God’s blessings.

What a wonderful experience learning who each and every one of you are and have become, and also where you are in your beliefs. We have all grown in some way, and I pray that we continue to grow spiritually.

We started several programs and concepts in the first year. Most are still going, a couple did not work out, but you never get anywhere if you don’t try. We will look at doing more or trying out something new once in a while, so bare with us when we make suggestions. Remember, all we are attempting to do is to improve your worship experience through music and added Scriptures.

It is sad to note that we lost 8 members to the Church Triumphant in the first year, but we have gained 15 members and we continue to add more each month to keep the church growing, growing, and growing.

I still invite you to come as you are and to be blessed by God’s grace every Sunday. We thank you in the name of Christ for seeking him out.

Never forget our Mission Statement:

Chino Valley United Methodist Church is a family of believers and seekers centered on Jesus, serving our community by ACTIVELY: Loving God and our neighbors. Inviting all to follow Jesus. The United Methodist church’s prime objective is: “to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”

Peace and grace to you in Christ,

Pastor Mike

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