I had to chuckle a little when a few people have mentioned to me that Ash Wednesday this year is on the same day as Valentine’s Day, that is February 14th and….that Easter Sunday is the same day as April Fools day, which of course is April 1st. I had been wondering if they thought that maybe I did not own a calendar and that I had not even noticed this phenomenon 3 months ago when I started working on the Lenten services. On Ash Wednesday we will have our Ash Wednesday service as usual, but, this year we will attempt to go out into the community (that’s me and my Lay Leader/Certified Minister Roger) and mark foreheads with the cross of ashes. This is to remind us that we came from dust, and dust we shall return. But there is more to this you know, we are to repent of our sins too, and maybe even fast and pray. What a novel idea….you know…to pray with each other. I for one would love to see people praying with each other every day, wouldn’t you? For those of you who can fast, I do recommend the one small meal a day if you are so inclined to,  and to not completely fast as it is not good for our health. But, if you can, more power to you. I do though, recommend that you pray, and that you pray long and hard to God to forgive us of all our sins….and to pray long and hard for others who are in need, whether it be in health, in need of money, in spirit or with mental health needs. I look forward to this Lenten season and to seeing everyone at church or out in the community.

God bless you.

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