Hello, Chino Valley United Methodist Church,

I am so excited to be serving alongside all of you in ministry for Christ Jesus.  As we begin our journey together, I would like to share a few things about myself in writing, and then the rest you will discover as we work together to make disciples for Jesus Christ.

I am currently a Local Pastor who has completed most of the advanced course of study requirements, and who will then be eligible to seek to become a provisional member and finally an Elder in the UMC.

I have been working on staff or in a ministerial position in several churches since 1991, so this calling to serve in a faith community has been part of my DNA for quite some time.  The Holy Spirit has led me to encourage, equip, and send others to follow their God-given path.  I understand my role to help another discern their own path; however, I have been trained to offer help and direction along the journey.  Collectively, we call upon the Holy Spirit to guide us into the future.

All are welcome to worship, to participate in Holy Communion, and to share in the mission of the church. I am a single woman who has never been married, and I have been a help-mate to a couple of my siblings in the raising of their children and more recently to their children’s children.  Family and friendship are extremely important to me.  Faith is primary in my lifeI work hard to develop and maintain close relationships.  People in general are important to me and I long for the day that as a world we treat all people with dignity and respect.

My parents (Anne & John) and several of my siblings live in South Scottsdale, so I will be a quick two hour’s drive from them.  I am excited about living in Chino Valley and learning and growing with all of you.

As I am unfamiliar with this part of town, I look forward to your recommendations for eateries and places to find the best bargains.  More importantly, l desire to get to know you and discern what God is calling us to accomplish together.

God’s continued blessings be upon each of you,

I will keep the “Pastor’s Corner” area of the blog updated yearly, so stay tuned for more information.

Pastor Clare