The church’s annual charge conference is scheduled for Saturday, November 19, at 10:30 am. In preparation for the conference, please consider the following excerpt from Just Say Yes! Unleashing People for Ministry by Bishop Robert Schnase. This will be part of the agenda and discussion time.
Ways people say No:
 I don’t need that, so why should we do it?
 Only five people signed up.
 They’re not our members anyway.
 That’s our room.
 That will never work here (and I’ll see that it doesn’t!)
 They can just join us.
 You’re too young, too new, or too different.
 You didn’t ask me first.
 Don’t rock the boat.
 Things won’t be the same.
1. Can you think of a time when you inadvertently used one of these behaviors or attitudes to express your resistance to a ministry idea?
2. Think of two or three successful ministries that have begun in this congregation in recent years. Where did the ideas come from? How were the ideas initially received? What form of resistance did the ideas face at first, and how did the ministries cone to fruition anyway?
3. Where do you see “what’s in it for me?” thinking at work in this church or community?
4. “Successful churches and effective pastors are willing to do things that declining churches and unsuccessful pastors are unwilling to do. Growing churches say Yes to ministries that declining churches say No to. Do you agree? What do you see as some of the implications of this for this congregation?
Read Luke 6:1-11 and Matthew 9:9-13.
Jesus was surrounded by people seeking to restrain him, catch him in any infraction, and otherwise say No to his ministry. How did Jesus respond to his critics? How did he reframe encounters in order to direct people toward the mission God sent him to fulfill? How did he empower his disciples to take bold action for God’s love?